Monday, January 05, 2015

The Twelfth Day of Christmas!

Well, today ends the Christmas Season - sort of.  Today was the Twelfth Day of Christmas and tomorrow starts the Season of Epiphany.  I say "sort of" because as we've mentioned earlier, in some traditions the Christmas Season lasts all the way to February 2nd, Candlemas.  In the traditional readings for Candlemas we have the last mentioning of Christmas for this liturgical year.  So, if you really want to keep your decorations up a bit longer - you can!  Some of your friends might think you're a little crazy (maybe you are!) but you can also use this as an ice-breaker to discuss your faith with them and while the liturgical season switches to Epiphany, Epiphany is still a celebration of the Christ child - so one really could celebrate Christmas all the way until Lent begins!



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