Saturday, October 31, 2015

IHH Asks About Retaining Sins

IHH Asked me:  Without going into a line by line response, you could answer this:  What is your view of retaining sins?

Scott replies:   My view is exactly what John records in John 20:23, "Those sins" which THEY retain, are retained.  This goes along with "those sins" which THEY forgive, are forgiven.  This is NOT about forgiving your neighbor, this is about offenses against God, and God Himself giving a special group of men the authority to forgive and retain such sins.  "Those sins" which THEY do not forgive are not forgiven.  Therefore the ONLY WAY to have THOSE SINS forgiven (those which offend God) is through one whom He has so empowered.  In short, get thee to a confessional!


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