Sunday, October 11, 2015

SSPX and the Final Jubilee Year

Confessions at SSPX chapels, worldwide, are not only valid but completely licit!  Well, for the Jubilee Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis.  The Jubilee Year will begin on December 8, 2015 and last until November 20, 2016.

Interesting prophecies concerning this Jubilee Year!  Some are proclaiming this is "The Final Jubilee Year" and that it will usher in "the rapture" of Christian faithful.

This site predicts the Second Coming of Christ in 2016:

Likewise, this one claims that 6000 years of sin comes to an end in 2016:

Now this one says the 70th Jubilee ends in 2024 or 2025 by adding in the "missing Sabbaths": 
Of course, if you're adding in the alleged "missing Sabbaths" then 2015 would not mark the beginning of the 70th Jubilee year.

I find all these eschatology sites/ideas a bit interesting and I like to look at the math they use - but I am also reminded that "no man knows the day or hour" (Matt. 24:36; Mark 13:32) so I don't put too much emphasis on these interpretations of numerology and prophecy, however it can be argued that they are not arguing for the "day or hour" but for the "year."  Hmmmm....   Interesting, however, we are to live each day as if it is our last day, ALWAYS being prepared for we do not know the "day or the hour."

Back to SSPX... for this allegedly "final Jubilee year" SSPX has been given faculties to hear confession and grant absolution, making the Sacrament of Penance completely valid and licit, even for those who have been skeptical in the past regarding "supplied jurisdiction."  So you might consider using this Jubilee Year to check out the SSPX in your area.  Remember, this could be your last chance! (grin)

In the Diocese of Phoenix, Our Lady of Sorrows has recently opened a brand new church in which to keep the sacred traditions of the Catholic Faith alive.  They have produced a five minute video talking about the new church and the parish facilities.  I have not been there yet, but it looks quite magnificent and very piously done.

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