Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lucifer - A Cool Dude?

At first, I watched as a curiosity.  I was wondering how they would portray Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, on the very secular Fox Network.  Interestingly enough, this manifestation of the Fallen Angel of Light makes no bones about who he is - and who God is, even referring to God as "our Father."  His name is "Lucifer Morningstar," and when asked if that was a stage-name, he responds, "No, it was God given." 

The premise of the program, Lucifer is bored with Hell - and decides to take a "vacation" on Earth.  Presumably, at this time, an archangel, Amenadiel, is sent to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell - to return everything to balance.  It is as if God "needs" Lucifer to be evil and in Hell to provide balance and peace in Heaven.  Amenadiel despises Lucifer, as we all really should.  Therein lies the rub, this TV show presents Lucifer as someone we might like, or feel sorry for, that he was convicted to reign in Hell until the end of time.  Since when could Lucifer have the "power" to decide to "take a vacation" from Hell?  He has no such authority to do so.  Yes, clearly his presence is made known in the evil of men throughout the world and throughout all ages - but it is unfathomable that he would have compassion for any human being.  As he is walking the street with one whom he "helped" to stardom, she is brutally murdered and Lucifer takes on a mission, of sorts, to find out who was behind the murder and he seeks to bring the real killer to "justice."  He befriends a police detective whom he convinces to take a deeper look into the case - and proceeds to help her solve it.

The show begins with Lucifer Morningstar racing through the streets in a very nice, classic Corvette.  When he is pulled over by a police officer, he uses his power (like a Jedi mind-trick) to get the officer to admit to one of his deepest desires - and then to the fact that sometimes he just speeds through the streets with his lights and siren going, just because he can.  He claims he can't read minds, but has a "knack" to getting people to "confess" to him.
The real problem with this show is it glamorizes the most evil being known to creation.  It makes him look like he's not-so-bad.  It makes him look like someone you might actually like.  That being said, that truly is Satan's goal!  If we are swayed to accept him, or think he's not so bad or even that he didn't get a fair shake - we might be inadvertently letting him in to our lives - or worse, our souls.  In that respect, I really feel like this show is working FOR Satan, and sense a real danger in continued viewing of a version of Lucifer which is "not-so-bad."  Remember, Satan is the author of lies and deception - and if he can get you to turn your focus from God to him - he's winning - though ultimately he will lose, and so will everyone who follows him, for whatever reason.

I am not the only one raising red flags over this programming.  On this site (click here) there's a petition you can join to try and convince Fox to remove the program.  In my humble opinion, Fox is eating up the attention from Christians and the more they/we protest - the more "press" they get.  In that industry, "there's no such thing as bad press."   So, consider signing the petition, or consider just telling your friends and family how much you feel that this programming is really a tool for Satan and against God.  


  1. You've done a good job getting under the skin of this latest trick of Satan himself. I agree with your conclusions.


  2. Let me tell you folks something here.
    Firstly, I stumbled upon this site by accident while trying to find out when season two of Lucifer will begin.
    Then I read this little article and began to laugh my ass off at its absurdity.
    First and foremost satan/the devil/Lucifer doesn't exist. Neither does the place you krisjans call hell.
    What this show does is show you who's really responsible for everything. YOU! You are responsible for everything that happens in your life not your invisible friend in the sky or his invisible enemy that's who knows where. You should watch the show for its entertainment value. It's hilarious. Just remember here folks your faith is less that 2,000 years old.

    1. I stumbled across this site as well. However, no need to lump Christians into this absurdity. I can't imagine there are very many people, Christian or not, that have the time to actually worry about something so stupid.

  3. Hi JD. You posted a comment to an article more than two weeks old so your comment did not show up immediately. I have posted a new article with my actual reply to your comment here: If you're not just a "drive-by" commentator, I encourage you to respond to my response.

  4. Reminder, this article is more than 2 weeks old, which means all new comments are automatically saved for moderation. We don't allow profanity here, so when someone attempts to post a comment with profanity and especially if they are "Anonymous" - such posts will be deleted. I post this comment because the preceding scenario just happened and the post was deleted. If you wish to post a comment denying Satan, we'd be happy to engage - but no profanity, please.

    And, for the record, "JD" appears to have been nothing but another "drive-by" as he's posted nothing more either here or to the other article I wrote to respond to him (linked above).


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