Sunday, January 10, 2016

Questions For Catholics Series

Questions For Catholics Series:
Prompted by his priest, Scott Windsor responds to James Jacob Prasch (Jacob Prasch) who asks "Five Questions For Catholics" or is it "Thirty-Three Questions For Catholics?"  Prasch, the chief behind Moriel Ministries, is lashing out against Catholicism and is answered in this seven part series:

Part 1 - Should I Believe Mary or the Vatican?
Part 2 - Questions of "Co-"
Part 3 - Purgatory

Part 4 - The Rock
Part 5 - The Eucharist and John 6
Part 6 - Doctrines of Demons?
Part 7 - Call No Man Father and the Mass

This "table of contents" is also listed on our Indices Page

I have made this index known to the website of Jacob Prasch.  He openly invited engagement in his questions - I hope he meant it and will actively engage my responses.


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