Sunday, March 27, 2016

Catholic Priest Crucified and Easter Bombing

Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil crucified by ISIS on Good Friday?  NOT CONFIRMED!

Kidnapped on March 4th, ISIS reportedly stated that they planned to crucify him on Good Friday.  Such a horrible death, but does ISIS not realize they have made a martyr of Fr. Uzhunnali?

Addendum, 4/1/2016
Not only has this crucifixion not been confirmed - there is at least one report of officials attempting to secure the release of Fr. Uzhunnalil - so it is hopeful he is still alive.  Continued prayers!

Easter Sunday Bombing:
In a related story, the Taliban has claimed responsibility for a bombing in Pakistan of Christian celebrating Easter at a park.  The suicide bomber killed mostly women and children.  At least 65 killed, 67 by another report, and the count could go higher.

Let us pray for the conversion of Islam.  I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, but so many of these atrocities are stemming from radical forms of Islam.  The bottom line here is they are following a false religion created by one who claimed to be a prophet.  The reality is, their religion was made up 600 years after Jesus Christ and from a combination of Judaism and Christianity - but without the reliance upon the Holy Word of God OR the Church He founded while He was here and have a system which has drifted from the Truth.


  1. I am usually pretty careful before posting such news and at least one site is saying there is no confirmation of Fr. Uzhunnalil's crucifixion (Catholic News Agency) and that Cardinal Schönborn has corrected his earlier statement. Let us continue to pray for Fr. Tom, if he is not dead, he is still being held captive by ISIS.

  2. There is still no confirmation regarding Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil - dead or alive. Please continue to pray for Fr. Tom.

  3. Fr. Thomas Uzhunnalil is "believed" to be alive and safe in the hands of his captors. We still have no absolute confirmation of this so I urge you to continue praying for him.


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