Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fontana di Trevi Dyed Red

Scott and Katie Windsor at Fontana di Trevi in 2010
The famous Fountain of Trevi, according to an article referred to by Steve Ray, will be dyed red to commemorate Christian martyrs throughout history and even today.  This event will take place on April 29, 2016.

This has happened before, back in 2007, when an "artist" used the fountain to make a statement, so the above is a sneak peak at what it will look like on the 29th.

Addendum 4/30/2016
I did not check on the 29th, but here on the 30th I am having difficulty finding any article reporting the changing of the color of the Fountain of Trevi in Rome.  I did find several more articles reporting it WOULD happen in the days prior to the 29th, but not finding anything since that time.  Now I did find a "live webcam" of Trevi, and looking at it today - if there was a color change yesterday, it's back to normal today.  Here's that link:

Addendum 5/4/2016
OK, they DID turn the Fontana di Trevi red on April 29th!  They did not use red dye, like the "artist" in 2007 did (shown above), rather they used red lighting.  I happened to check the live webcam again and they had a link to a time-lapse from 4/29 - and while all day long there was no change, after sunset, the red lights came on.  It also appeared they projected something on the building behind the fountain, but I could not make that out.  Here's a snip I captured from the time-lapse:

And here's another picture I found in Google:
And here is a video from the AFP (you have to click on the video to load it in YouTube due to copyright protection):

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  1. Of course, there are those who will try to turn anything "Catholic" into something sinister, I ran into one such "pastor" who blasts away at this event as something "unChristian" looking only at the architecture and "creepy" blood red - but does not realize that the red is the color of martyrdom - and that we call into remembrance not only those who are being persecuted in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle-East, but for ALL martyrs throughout history, starting with the slaughter of the Holy Innocents - the FIRST Christian martyrs.


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