Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trinity Sunday

Today was Trinity Sunday and as appropriate, our sermon was on the Trinity.  The relationship of the Trinity as it relates to Father, Son and Holy Ghost - in a familial sense is impressive.


Starting with the Father, it is the Father who begat the Son.  The Son is not made, He is begotten before all worlds/ages - that is - this begatting is outside of time, He is (not was) eternally begotten.  If there is one way to describe the God the Father, it is actually one word - charity (or love).  God IS love.  The Father loves the Son.


The eternally begotten Son of the Father loves the Father too, for also being God, the Son IS love.  The Son shows His love for the Father in doing whatever the Father asks of Him.  No questions, no excuses - just love.


The Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father, through the Son.  Since the Father and the Son are both One, the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Son as well as the Father.  There is one love which comes from God and we receive that love through the Holy Ghost, for the Holy Ghost also being God, IS love.

The Holy Ghost is also the maternal - as in our mothers.  When it comes to the good and well-being of her children, every good mother would do everything in her power to keep her children safe.  The same is true of the Holy Ghost who will be there for the children of God and provide the means necessary for their salvation.


Well, God is love - we've already stated that.  How is that love expressed?  The love of the father for his children is shown in him being there, not just for their physical needs - but spiritual as well.  Matthew 7:9-10 and Luke 11:11 say it well.  It goes both ways too - if the son loves the father, he not only will DO what the father asks of him, he also won't just say things he thinks the father wants to hear for is that really love?


Just hover over these verses and/or click on them to read them:
Matthew 7:21
Luke 6:46
Romans 2:13

Feel free to add your thoughts to the comments section, or hey - if you're one of MY children and have more to share - call me!  I promise, if you ask for bread, I will not give you a stone.


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